M45 Merope new processing

Gallery, which show my best pictures taken from my backyard

M45, a color picture of Merope IC 349, 4. version.

Taken 29. Sep-2013, re-processed 23. Febr-2014.

Equipment used:

LX200ACF 16" telescope and Atik 460Ex mono camera, baader filters.


R=19*5sec+30*2sec. G=19*5sec+29*2sec. B=17*5sec+28*2sec.


The shown close-up picture is mixed (some color data used) with a M45 picture taken in Sep-2013.

Equipment used:

WO FLT-110 telescope and Canon 60Da camera.

Exposure: 12*5min. ISO800.

Copyright, Niels V. Christensen / Finn Nancke, 2015.