NGC6826 widefield

Gallery, which show my best pictures taken from my backyard

NGC6826 widefield picture

The raw material was taken during April and May 2013.

The picture consist of raw frames/subs taken with LX200ACF 16" and WO FLT-110 telescopes.

Cameras used were Atik 460ex mono and Canon 60Da.

Exposure time using Baader 1.25" filters:




Red=14*1min+8*30sec Green=13*1min+10*30secBlue=17*1min+14*30sec.

using 16" and 460ex.

Exposure time: 57*5min using FLT-110 and Canon 60Da.

The picture shown is a composite picture made of above mentioned narrowband/color stacks.

Copyright, Niels V. Christensen / Finn Nancke, 2015.