NGC6826 joint venture ex1

Gallery, which show my best pictures taken from my backyard

NGC6826 Copyright, Morten la Cour and Niels V. Christensen

The raw material was taken during April, May, July and August 2013.

The image is the joint effort of the two of us and consist of the following data:

NVC: 406 mm f/6.2 ACF SCT with Optec Lepus compressor. Atik 460ex camera with baader 7 nm Ha and 8.5 nm OIII filters. Telescope on wedge. Site Kastrup Copenhagen, Denmark (SQM:~18, altitude, sea level). 42x300s Ha, 42x300s OIII, 16x60s L, 66x30s RGB.

MlC: 250 mm f/4.8 Newton with Paracorr2 corrector. QSI583 camera with astrodon 5 nm Ha and OIII filters, as well as RBG filters. AP900GTO mount. Site semi-rural Liseleje, Denmark (SQM: 21.2, altitude sea level). 57x300s Ha, 28x300s OIII, 3x17x120s RBG.

Copyright, Niels V. Christensen / Finn Nancke, 2015.