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All the astronomical pictures shown on these pages have been taken from my garden located less than 10 km from the city center of Copenhagen Denmark. The homebuild observatory was constructed during 2005->2006.

E-mails to reach me are: nvcchr@mail.dk, nielsv@astro-hp.dk or via nvcchr90@gmail.com, nielsnvc123@yahoo.com.

Copyright, please note that all pictures are copyrighted to Niels V. Christensen, if not otherwise stated. Any content on this website must not be reproduced without the author's permission.

The observatory contains three telescopes and five cameras.

In order to control the astronomical sessions during the observation nights three PCs are used to control the scope tracking and take the raw images.

Sadly enough the observation sessions are seldom due to many clouds and/or bad weather conditions, BUT when there is a clear sky during the night and time permits it is a fantastic feeling to be out there to get glimps on what happened many light years ago :-)

The web pages on this site is still under construction meaning a lot of technical details about the different gallery pictures are still missing, but even so please feel free to explore the gallery pages. Until now more than 90 pictures are available, enjoy.

My old web site:http://www.astro-hp.dk

My astrobin.com account NOW DELETED 17. Febr-2020: http://www.astrobin.com/users/nvcchr1/

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21. and 14. Dec-2014, tadpoles of IC410 pictures added.

21. Sep-2014, 2 Bubble Nebula pictures added.

29. Aug-2014, a Bubble Nebula LHaOIII,RHa,GOIII,BOIII picture added.

24. Aug-2014, Comet Jacques pictures added.

9/16. Aug-2014, Bubble Nebula, 88min. 2 LumHa pictures added.

6. Aug-2014, Cocoon Nebula, a 9,1 hours 2LHa-RHaSII,GOIII,BOIII picture added, 2 versions.

19-22.July-2014, Cocoon Nebula LHa-LRHaGB/WF pictures added.

29. April/3. May-2014, a LHaR,OIIIGB M51 galaxy picture added

and now been chosen as S&T Editor's Choice Archive picture.

30. March-2014, M97 owl nebula pictures added.

23. Febr-2014, new processing attempt added on Merope IC349.

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13. Oct-2013, a re-processed picture of M45, Merope IC349 added.

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16. Sep-2013, M45 picture added.

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30. Aug-2013, M27 close-up color picture added.

29. Aug-2013, M31 Andromeda center picture added.

29. Aug-2013, M27 collage picture added and one WF picture.

25. Aug-2013, gallery pages updated with three pictures of Abireo.

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