M42 in Editors Choice Archive S&T


Gallery, which show my best pictures taken from my backyard

M42 collage picture selected as the S&T Editor's Choice Archive picture in Oct-2012 .



Meade 16" telescope, LX200ACF on wedge.


SBIG ST-8XME mono camera.


Astronomik Ha, OIII, SII, RGB filters used.


A M42 center collage picture that consist of 3 individual pictures.


1. A Ha BW picture.


2. A LUM(Ha)RGB picture.


3. A LUM(Ha)SIIHaOIII picture.


Very few subs/frames were needed to take this collage picture due to the very intense light coming from the M42 center area.

Copyright, Niels V. Christensen / Finn Nancke, 2015.